Responsible Sourcing

With a global botanical network that includes growers from over 40 countries, dōTERRA begins the quest for quality essential oils by ensuring that only the best seeds, soil, equipment, and growing conditions are used in the oil production process. By partnering with growers who have a deep understanding of native plants, local climate, weather patterns, what seeds and soil to use, the best time to plant, etc., dōTERRA produces pure, potent, and safe essential oils. Cutting corners at any point of the growing, harvesting, or distilling process will result in lower quality essential oils, which is why dōTERRA relies on the knowledge and expertise of native farmers. Not only does the careful selection of plant sources allow dōTERRA to produce pure and precious essential oils, it also provides jobs for rural farmers who might otherwise experience unfair wages or poor working conditions. When growers partner with dōTERRA, they receive fair pay that allows them to support their business and provide for their family with a sustainable income.

dōTERRA wants you to know the source of where your oils come from, because you and your family deserve only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth. 96% of our oils are produced for and available exclusively through dōTERRA.

Did you know that with every bottle of dōTERRA oil you purchase there is a Quality ID number on the bottom? With this number, you can go to the Source To You website and see the test results of each bottle of oil dōTERRA produces. This tells you the purity and strength of the oil, as well as the composition of the oil. Check out the Source To You website yourself and see.